Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sky News Arabia Marketing Stunt in Vox Cinemas

As you drive by SZR, you might have noticed some of the columns of Dubai metro's red line branded with Arabic letters. Those letters combined spell out Sky News Arabia's slogan 'Al Aan Wa Min Kol Makan' which literally means 'Right Now, and From Everywhere'.

Image Credit: Jazarah.net
What you might not have been aware of is this hilarious cinema stunt that Sky News Arabia also did as part of their marketing campaign of their slogan a few months ago in one of the Vox's screens. Watch how the news anchor surprises the audience with a news bulletin right before the start of the movie (English subtitles available). The reaction of the movie-goers is EPIC! Enjoy!

Sunday, January 19, 2014

5 Morning Rituals for a Better Working Week

The weekend is over, and you might be feeling a little blue because of that. You remember your list of chores and think to yourself, "how am I going to get passed the next 5 (or 6) days?".

Here is a list of 5 morning rituals that will boost positivity in to your working week ahead:

1. Wear your favourite perfume

Putting on your best perfume early in the morning does not only boost your confidence when speaking with other people, but also subconsciously associates your day with good times.

2. Give a kiss to your significant other

Our daily routine sometimes puts us on an auto-pilot mode, and turns us into a robot during those 5-, or 6-days ahead. This, in turn, results at times into us ignoring our human element at home. From this day forward, before you leave your house, make it a habit to kiss your significant other; be it parents, spouse, or children. Such a small, routine, gesture will have a significant impact on your relationship at home, and will provide you with reason and motivation on to why you do everything that you do every single day.

3. Put on happy music in your car, and turn the volume a little up

It has been stated that listening to feel-good music in the morning can improve your memory performance, concentration, and attention. It has also been stated that music can reduce your blood pressure, and remedy headaches. Do you need any more reasons to crank up the volume a little and sing-along your feel good tunes?

4. Smile to everyone at work as you walk in, and greet them all with a cheerful 'Good Morning'

The simple act of smiling to, and greeting, your colleagues as you walk into the office sets a particular mood to your day ahead. Your colleagues will view you as a nice person; and in turn, will become more considerate of you when it comes to requests, and work in general.

If you smile at someone at work, and they don't smile back, don't worry, they may be going through a bad day. Just maintain the daily routine of kindness, and thoughtfulness; they are certain to appreciate it as soon as they come around it.

5. Cross-off as many of your easier tasks from your checklist, as early in the day as possible

Time management is always a challenge for everyone. The overwhelming feeling that you have loads of work to do can bring you down emotionally, and stress you out as well. To maintain your high, get around finishing off as many of those small and easy tasks that don't take time to finish. This way, you will have more time to focus on your bigger tasks and not feel as overwhelmed.

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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What Arab Men Want in a Woman

An article titled 'Wanted: a Barbie who doesn't mind a hairy, greasy Ken' published in The National sometime back in mid-2013 has recently surfaced up on my Facebook news feed. I was obviously intrigued at first by the article's title, but was later taken aback by its contents as I finished going through it. In summary, the writer looks into addressing the question: What do Arab men look for in a woman?

Image credit: seijaku
The writer starts off by stating that she doesn't want to generalise her findings as they are based on her research from speaking to a number of men who come from different Arab countries, yet as you continue reading, she describes that all men she interviewed "had thick curly black hair that looked slimy with gel. They were also quite hairy, and you have no choice but to notice their chest hair given their widely open shirts often elaborated with gold chains, or silver "halal" chains worn by more religious men". The writer later claims that only some men will deny that her sample represents them!

Before I proceed with my two cents on this appalling description of all Arab men, I will share with you the summary of the writer's findings:

According to the article, Arab men apparently look for a woman who is:

  1. Naameh (soft and gentle). One who doesn't talk too much, isn't loud, or nag;
  2. Fair and blonde;
  3. Educated, and holds a degree that didn't come at the expense of interacting with many men and forcing her to live away from her parents; and
  4. From a good family with a good reputation and plenty of money.

Though this Barbie-like image might indeed appeal to a few shallow men (whether Arabic, or not), the reality of the situation is that the above findings in no way resemble what REAL Arab men want. Men, in general, look for a woman who is:

  1. Respectable: a woman who is both well-mannered and well-behaved is extremely attractive to any respectable man. Self-respect also establishes trust in the relationship!
  2. Presentable: I won't deny that looks do play a role, but at the same time, the woman doesn't have to be a model. Men are normally very happy with a woman who knows how to take care of how she presents herself, in appearance, to people
  3. Knowledgeable: nothing is more stimulating to a man's mind than having an interesting conversation with his life-partner. Knowledge shapes the personality; and to quote a wise person: "A gorgeous face catches your eyes, but a gorgeous personality captures your heart"
  4. Ambitious: a woman who aims to achieve something she wants; whether it be success in her career, or the accomplishment of something she always desired, is very inspiring to real men
  5. Loving and Caring: this is the most important of them all because, though women think otherwise, a man picks up on the difference between a woman who genuinely loves and cares for him, and a woman who simply seeks the security of getting married irrespective of who the man is. Who do you think men will prefer?
Though I respectfully disagree with the writer's account of what Arab men want, I think that her article was a necessary spark to address many false stereotypes on this subject. I also invite the writer to take a stroll in any of the UAE's malls, and make a note of how many men she finds whose hair are slimy with gel, and walk around with open shirts that are elaborated with gold or silver chains. If she does so, I am quite certain she will understand why I will choose to be among "the few men" who will deny that her sample represents them!

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Monday, January 13, 2014

Wolf of Wall Street: So its censored, what's the big deal?

Martin Scorsese's movie, The Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo Di Caprio who depicts in the film the life of Jordan Belfort -- a 90s stockbroker mogul who was later imprisoned for securities fraud and money laundering, was released across the UAE this past weekend. The film was deemed to be shortened by around 40 minutes from its original 180-minutes run; a matter that seemed to bother many movie-goers who had expressed their frustration about this matter through social media outlets.

The National, in a related article published on January 12, conveys some of the messages shared by frustrated social media users who had gone and seen the film this past weekend. One message said:

“Swear words were muted, which made almost every sentence in the movie hard to understand and sometimes you sit there wondering what happened"

Yes, the censorship did make some of the movie's script jumpy but I cannot grasp how the swear words that were censored made the movie to a certain viewer hard to understand. The very use of some swear words is to add to the drama, or the expression, of the statement being made. Removing such words will not alter, or impact for that matter, the meaning of the sentence!

Another viewer stated:

“It completely ruins the picture for me, there is no point in watching a film which is cut and muted or re-dubbed"

To analyse that previous statement, let us agree on what was censored out exactly. According to the same article published by The National, scenes containing sexually explicit content were cut out, and statements containing profanity were muted. Cinema-goers are normally used to the former as it is the norm here, so it is safe to assume that the main issue that frustrated viewers had was with the muted profanity! That is why, I find it a little exaggerated how muting swear words can result in the film becoming worthless to watch.

As a dedicated cinema-goer myself, yes, I can understand how annoying it can get when script lines sound a little chopped up especially that based on previous experiences, many movies do contain language content that are only suitable to 18+ audience. But I also understand that watching a movie, and comprehending it, is all about the build up and delivery of the movie plot; a matter which I certainly feel was not compromised at all, as I still have come to learn after watching the movie the story of the rise and fall of Wall Street Wolf, Jordan Belfort -- which after all, is the point of the movie!

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Slow Motion Video Booth Comes to the Emirates

Saad Rabia
Step aside regular photo-booths, as the internationally trending Slow Motion Video Booth arrives to the UAE! You might have seen on YouTube videos taken at weddings in which guests goof around with props flying all over the place in slow motion, and thought to yourself: "argh, if only I can have this at my event!". Well you need not worry anymore!

UAE-based Bahraini filmmaker, photographer, and technology enthusiast, Saad Rabia, has introduced the Emirates to Slow Motion Video Booth for the first time ever during a wedding he took part in during December 2013. Shortly after the event, Saad posted the below video on his Facebook Page, Saad Rabia - The Page, which in no surprise went viral among fans and friends. Check it out and let me know what you think!

Saad Rabia can be reached by email on contact@saadrabia.com

To reach Saad via Facebook, and/or check out some of his other work, please go to: https://www.facebook.com/saadrabia.page

Jana + Omar: Slow Motion Booth from Saad Rabia on Vimeo.

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Friday, January 10, 2014

5 Overrated Wedding Elements

To see a couple in love getting married is a really exciting affair, but can be an expensive one too! I have personally been to weddings in the Emirates that have a price tag starting from AED 70,000 all the way up to a whopping AED 500,000! Such a financial commitment on the newly weds can be a big burden to your happily, ever after story!

This is why I thought of sharing with you the following 5 overrated wedding elements that are worth considering to let go of so you may have, as a couple, a more peace of mind when preparing (and paying) for your big day:

1. Invitation Cards

As part of traditions, it is customary for the couple-to-wed to send out, or hand-deliver, wedding invitation cards. What's funny as well is the fact that I have heard in more than one occasion people will not attend the wedding if they don't receive their invitation by hand!

With the entire world being connected digitally, I totally do not see the point of informing people about your big day through this obsolete way. Simply create an event page on Facebook, and blast out your 'Save the Day' announcement. Not only do you save money, time and effort by going digital; but you will also establish a dialogue with your guests to answer some of those FAQs, and be able to regularly give them updates concerning your big day!

2. Kosha (Stage)

One of the most stressful wedding elements is securing the Kosha (or Wedding Stage, in English). The Kosha is meant to establish the focus/central point of the wedding event. It is where the bride and the groom will be normally seated when they are not dancing. I have seen Kosha designs that range from simple, rectangular shape accompanied with a simple backdrop type , to the most sophisticated and regal-like types. Obviously, the more complex the design, the more the Kosha will cost. On average, the Kosha can cause financial damages in the range of AED 5,000 - 30,000 (if not more!).

A more cost-effective alternative to the Kosha can be setting up a long-rectangular table where the bride and groom, and their families will be seated at. Many weddings these days also opt for adding a photo-booth, which in my opinion, is a more fun option to have than your average wedding picture shot.

3. LED Dance-Floor

Nothing confuses me more than a couple getting excited about adding a LED dance-floor to their wedding venue, I just don't get it! Sure, some of them do look nice, and they do add a little flair to your wedding slow dance pictures (given that the lighting isn't tacky), yet still I feel it is an element that your wedding can survive without. Hotels normally throw in a standard, wooden, dance-floor as part of the package, so why not make use of this offer and save a little cash?

4. Large Crowd

In Arabic (OLD) culture, it is more prestigious for families organizing the wedding to invite the largest number of people to attend. It is done so as part of a social practice, to show people how wealthy you are as a couple, and how fortunate both families are by marrying into each other! Some of the weddings I have been to have been organized for 300 - 700 people! Bearing in mind that catering charges per person anywhere in the vicinity of AED 160 - 300 per person (on average, and depending on the venue), you find yourself already committing around AED 50,000 as a minimum for a crowd that you will most likely not know very well, and who will end up criticizing every little aspect of your event.

As an alternative, there is nothing shameful in organizing a nice little wedding for your families and closest friends, even if this adds up to be just 50 - 100 people! This way, you will not be only saving unnecessary cost, but will also get the opportunity to mingle, dance, and goof around with everyone!

5. Table Centerpiece

Last, but not least, I really do not see the point in getting all sophisticated in your choice of a table centerpiece. Some wedding venues normally offer a selected number of centerpieces on a complimentary basis. So why not avail of this, and save a little!

Got any more thoughts on this? Please share them in the comments section below!

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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

8 Rising UAE Trendsetters


Dana Dajani is a Dubai-based performance artist, actor, writer, director and presenter. During her recent years, she has made notable appearances in a number of English and Arabic films, television series, commercials, theater, and events. 

In 2011, she won best actress at Tropfest Arabia for her performance in the 5mins short film titled 'At First Sight' (see below) that was inspired from the poetry of Nizar Qabbani, and which was also played during the Cannes Short Film Corner in 2012. She was also the lead actor in the film 'In Her Eyes' which was awarded the best film, best screenplay, best editing, and best cinematography at the Arab Film Studio Competition 2013.

Dana also writes for the local art magazine, Quint, and can be usually spotted around Dubai reading her poetry with Poeticians, or reciting Floetry with various singers and musicians.

Dana Dajani's strongest online presence: 
YouTube Channel: 12,308 views as of January 6, 2014


Ali Al Sayed is an Emirati comedian, master of ceremonies, producer, comedy coach, and presenter. Ali co-founded Dubomedy, a UAE based comedy group that has been in the funny business for over 5 years now. He has performed alongside comedy heavyweights including Maz Jobrani, Dean Edwards of SNL, Dean Obeidallah, Sugar Sammy, Aron Kader, and many more.

Ali has established a recognizable presence in the media. He recently hosted and presented MBC Action's 'Desert Force' TV show, in addition to being the weekly comedy commentator on Abu Dhabi Sports Channel show 'The Beautiful Game'. He was also seen making a number of appearances on MBC's morning show, Sabah Al Khair Ya Arab, as well as on Dubai One, OSN, BBC, and Decision Makers TV.

Ali was named ‘one of the most influential comedians in the world’ by Toastmaster’s International Magazine, nominated for Ahlan’s ‘Best in Dubai’ in the Best Personality Category, chosen as one of the ‘funniest people of the year’ by Rolling Stone and was coined “UAE’s King and Queen of Comedy” alongside his wife by Ahlan! Al Sayed was also selected along with his partner and now wife Mina Liccione, for ‘Ahlan’s Hot 100’ as Dubai’s Comedy Couple. He was also recently nominated for a Best in Dubai Award in the “Best personality” category for the second year in a row.

Ali Al Sayed's strongest online presence:
YouTube Dubomedy Channel: 448,509 views as of January 6, 2014


Reema Al Banna is a Dubai-based fashion designer, and is the owner of the trending fashion line, Reemami. She began her career as a graphic designer before pursuing her passion for haute couture. She was nominated as the best regional designer at the Grazia Style awards in 2011, and her fashion line was also listed among Ahlan's best 10 fashion brands during the same year. In 2012, Reema was listed in Emirates Woman Magazine among the top 25 faces to know in the UAE.

2013 has been a busy year for Reema. Her dresses were frequently worn by celebrities during the Dubai International Film Festival. On their Facebook page, Diet Pepsi Arabia stated on Reemami "If you love young, fun clothes then this (Reemami) is the right look for you". Her photo was also displayed on Sheikh Zayed Road near Emirates Towers as a Dove Arabia ambassador of the #doveSurprises campaign. Reema and her fashion line are also frequently featured in a number of local fashion magazines.

Reema Al Banna featured during Dove Arabia's #doveSurprises campaign
On community service, Reema contributed one of her top selling fashion wear to the campaign that successfully raised funds to treat Sarah-Jean, a 20 year old girl who was diagnosed with Acute Myleoid Leukemia in the UAE.

Reema Al Banna's strongest online presence:
Instagram: 5,385 followers as of January 6, 2014


Mr Shef Codes, real name Shefan Lantra, has surfaced as one of the UAE's most notable R&B and Hip-Hop DJs. Based in Dubai, this young artist’s repertoire has been remarkable in the short span of time he’s been DJing. Currently signed on with Bliss Inc Entertainment, he can be found sharing the booth with Dubai’s DJ Bliss every Saturday at the award winning “411” at the number one club in town, “People by Crystal”. Holding club residencies at some of Dubai’s hottest spots including 2Liv, People by Crystal, Republique & Trilogy, he plays a mix of mainstream Hip Hop and R&B, soulful throwback tunes and some reggae treats. 

Mr Shef Codes’ rise to the club scene began when he was placed third at the annual PALME DJ in the year 2007. He’s since played at some of the biggest clubs in the UAE including; Armani/Prive’, Sanctuary, Movida, Nasimi and Etoiles while sharing stages with international artists like Lloyd, Shaggy, Kardinal Offishal, Cassidy, Robin S and Karl Wolf as well as DJs Whoo Kid, Young Guru, Tony Touch, Jazzy Jeff, Green Lantern, Clinton Sparks, Cutee B, Cut Killer, Abdel and Sake among others. Check out his 20 mins long SoundCloud 411 2nd Anniversary Mix file to get an idea of this rising DJ's mixing abilities.

No stranger to the spotlight, Shef was the official DJ for the Season 3 of Dubai One’s “20 Something”, the UAE’s biggest and only youth TV show, providing him a platform to broadcast his beats across the nation.
Not only does he love music but this upcoming artist knows a thing or two about style, which led to the creation of his men’s lifestyle blog “Coded Chronicles”. This positioned him as the DJ of choice for top fashion boutiques such as S*uce, West LA and Rivaage, where he’s kept Dubai’s fashion crowd entertained at in-store events. Shef was also shortlisted for the Ahlan! Awards 'Best Club DJ' category.

Mr Shef Codes is currently an ambassador for Lexus UAE and has collaborated with brands such as Visa, BlackBerry, Redbull, Beats by Dre & Adidas Originals.

Mr Shef Code's strongest online presence:
Twitter: 2,253 followers as of January 6, 2014


Mina Al Samarrai is a Dubai-based accessories and fashion designer. Her love for fashion, trends, and arts is what drove her to create her own fashion and accessories line, NimNim Boutique, and release her very first collection back in 2012. She describes her designs as a testimonial for the bold women.

In 2013, Mina's accessories designs and collections were featured as part of the Women in Leadership Economic Forum. They were also exhibited, and sold, during Dubai's flagship fashion event, Fashion Forward. A few of the local and regional celebrities spotted wearing Mina's designs in 2013 include Joelle Mardinian (TV presenter of 'Joelle Show'/make up artist/creative director of Max Factor), and Lady Fozaza (fashion icon).

Joelle Mardinian wearing NimNim Earpiece

Lady Fozaza wearing NimNim Palm Ring

Mina, and her designs, is no strangers to media exposure. In 2013, MBC popular morning show 'Sabah Al Khair Ya Arab' interviewed her a number of times, and she has been also featured in a number of local magazines like Grazia and Ahlan.

Mina Al Sammarrai's strongest online presence:
Instagram: 3,371 followers as of January 6, 2014


Nitin is a Dubai-based stand-up comedian. His show, Komic Sutra, was one of the first comedy shows to be successfully exported outside the UAE. Nitin showcases the things that we all love to laugh about, from relationships, to the strange and diverse people that we meet every day - his words are your thoughts.

In 2013, Nitin has performed in Dubai as the opening act for comedy legend, Eddie Griffin, ahead of a strong crowd of 2,000 people. On Nitin, Eddie said "This brother from India brought the house down, watch out for him!". Nitin has also performed alongside many comedy celebs such as Maz Jobrani, Aron Kader, and Dean Obeidallah, to name a few.

In 2013, Nitin was awarded the 'Face of the Year' Award by Ahlan Masala, and was described as "one of the funniest people of the year" by Rolling Stones Middle East, and as the "king of comedy" by What's On Middle East.

Nitin Mirani's strongest online presence:
YouTube: 167,068 views as of January 6, 2014


Saba Wahid is a TV Presenter and TV Chef with a passion for the culinary arts. In the past couple of years Saba has developed her culinary resume along with her media presence in the International spectrum. After she joined the team at Dubai One, she Co-Hosted the First Season of a magazine style show called Ask One, which aired from September 2010 to December 2010. This then developed into Dubai One’s Premier Lifestyle show called Studio One which aired 5 days a week Live from January 2011-June 2011. It was a packed season filled with Celebrity Guests, Top Fashion Tips from Stylists to the Stars, and Culinary Gurus from all over the world. 

In addition to presenting the show with Co-Host Tom Urquhart, Saba also presented a weekly cooking segment on the show that gained incredible momentum on the “Foodie Scene” of Dubai, and gained her a weekly recipe feature in Ahlan! Magazine. 

Saba was nominated in 2013 as the 'Best Asian Blogger' in the Masala! Awards for the recipes she continues to share on her blog: Culinary Delights by Sabah Wahid.

Saba Wahid's strongest online presence:
YouTube: 2,127 views as of January 6, 2014

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Top 6 UAE-Based Socialites of 2013

We normally tend to be more aware of the movements and updates of celebrities and personas in the US and Europe. Yet like any other developing country, the UAE also has its fair share of socialites whom work very hard to achieve their dreams of becoming successful and well-recognized.
Below is a list of the top 6 UAE-based socialites who have made quite a presence during 2013 (in no particular order):


Sheikh Mohammad Al Thani is a young successful Sharjah based philanthropist, sportsman, entrepreneur, adventurous traveler, and a passionate mountaineer. The Sharjah Golf and Shooting Club, Al Nawras Hospitality, Tamween Catering, Grab 'N' Go, and Musafir are some of his successful ventures that are made in the Emirates.

Sheikh Al Thani is most recently known for being the first Qatari national to summit Mount Everest. He climbed the world's highest mountain as a brand ambassador for Reach Out to Asia, which is a non-profit organization that raises funds to uplift Asia and parts of the Middle East. Sheikh Al Thani's climb goal was to raise one million dollars to be used for education projects in Nepal.

Sheikh Al Mohammad Al Thani's online presence (as of January 5, 2014):

- Facebook Page: 40,714 likes
- Twitter: 6,494 followers
- Instagram: 6,572 followers


Tamara Al Gabbani is a Dubai based Fashion Designer, who owns her own fashion line that is named after her, vibrant TV personality, actress, entrepreneur, and humanitarian. She is one busy woman! When she is not working on her fashion line, she is busy influencing or representing other internationally acclaimed brand names including Pepsi Arabia. Fast and Furious star Michelle Rodriguez was also spotted wearing a Tamara Al Gabbani designed dress for her 'OK! Middle East Magazine' Photoshoot.

Tamara Al Gabbani's recent accomplishments include being named as one of Ahlan Magazine's Hot 100 Pioneer; and nominated for the Emirates Woman of the Year award. She is also no stranger to being featured on many magazine covers, and interviewed by the media. Tamara is indeed one of the UAE's top personalities and fashion trendsetters.

Tamara Al Gabbani's online presence (as of January 5, 2014):

- Facebook page: 19,578 likes

- Twitter: 7,628 followers
- Instagram: 44k followers


ris Fade is the lead presenter on Virgin Radio Dubai's popular breakfast show, The Kris Fade Show, alongside Priti Malek and Big Rossi. Off air, he regularly emcees a number of high profile events and concerts.

Kris was spotted mid June at The Gramercy Dubai supporting and hosting a charity event that was organized to raise both awareness and funds for Sarah-Jean Masinas, an Abu Dhabi resident who was diagnosed with Acute Myleoid Leukemia (AML) and required an urgent bone-marrow transplant outside the UAE.

You can catch Kris Fade during weekdays on Virgin Radio Dubai between 6am and 10am.

Kris Fade's online presence (as of January 5, 2014):

- Facebook Page: 14,105 likes
- Twitter: 18,534 followers
- Instagram: 6,521 followers


Marwan, also known as DJ Bliss, is the UAE's first Emirati who is a DJ, Radio Presenter, TV Presenter, Emcee, and Actor. DJ Bliss founded 411 Nights, which is Dubai's premiere's Rnb and HipHop nightlife destination. He is also the co-lead presenter of 'That's Entertainment' on Dubai One, as well as the emcee of many high profile events including the Dubai Film Festival.

In 2013, DJ Bliss produced a song with Kardinal Offishall titled 'Let it Go' which was entirely shot and recorded in the UAE. Marwan was also a lead performance during the Nicki Minaj concert, My Music X Festival and many more gigs taking place in Europe, US, and the Middle East.

DJ Bliss's 2013 highlights also include producing 'Writer's Block', the lead track of Hip Hop legend Wyclef Jean, alongside Emirati musician, Prince Q; as well as making an appearance during the season finale of Arabs Got Talent 2013. 

DJ Bliss online presence (as of January 5, 2014):

- Facebook page: 23,562 likes
- Twitter: 17,081 followers
- Instagram: 6,481 followers


Jessica Kahawaty is a Dubai-based presenter, fashion icon, and brand ambassador. She is most recently recognized as the face of Yahoo Maktoob's new entertainment shows 'omg! NOW' and 'omg! NUJOOM' in which she interviewed many locally and internationally acclaimed celebrities including Bob Sinclair, Carmen Electra, and Ramy Ayach.

Jessica won the title of Miss World Australia in 2012, and second-runner up position of Miss World 2012.

Jessica is also active in community services, and supporting charities. In 2013, and for her 25th birthday, she has asked her fans to donate to the charity: water my age in dollars, and to support the good people of Orissa, India, to have access to more clean drinking water. 

Jessica Kahawaty online presence (as of January 5, 2014):

- Facebook Page: 57,072 likes
- Twitter: 2,010 followers
- Instagram: 22k followers


Wonho Chung is a Dubai-based, internationally acclaimed, comedian. His career started in the UAE back in 2007 when Showtime approached him to join the Axis of Evil comedy tour from which he performed ahead of 20,000 people from around the Middle East.

Wonho's routine focuses on the idiosyncrasies of Arab and Far Eastern ways of living, and in doing so, he was able to break down many common misconceptions and stereotypes.

In 2013, Wonho was appointed by Swiss watchmaker Jaeger Le Coultre as a friend of the brand. He also hosted and performed at a number of high profile corporate events in the UAE, and in the region, including the launch of Hyundai's Centennial car, and the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4.

Wonho Chung's online presence (as of January 5, 2014):

- Facebook Page: 191k likes
- Twitter: 65,418 followers
- Instagram: 18k followers

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Friday, January 3, 2014

5 Emirates Trends Resolutions for 2014

Ghandhi once said: 'be the change you want to see in the world'.

January of every year is normally a time for reflection, and deciding on what changes you want to make for yourself in order to become a better person. We hear many times that those resolutions are often never met, and are the same ones we continue to promise ourselves every year to get around in doing them. The main reason why many of us never tend to keep our resolutions is due to the fact that we make those resolutions very dramatic.
Photo source: http://www.primallyinspired.com/
Here are 5 resolutions, that are not only easy to achieve, but will also turn you into a better person in society:

1. Read a Book, Regularly

Our busy schedules and commitments have confined our readings to what is being posted on Facebook, and Twitter. The benefits of reading have been determined to simulate the mind, reduce stress, increase knowledge, and improve concentration among many others. Reading, in my opinion, is also a great way to start conversations with people. There is truly nothing more attractive than a person who is well-read.

2. Drive More Carefully

Emirates 24/7 had recently published an article in which it states that there have been 148 cases of fatalities and 635 accidents on Dubai Roads between January and November, mainly attributing to sudden swerving or sharp turns by vehicles. 2014 is a great year for you to self-pledge that you will slow down a little and pay attention more on the road. You owe it to yourself, and to your family and loved ones as well!

3. Be Nicer

The stress in our lives tend to make us become more self-centred, and inconsiderate of other people's feelings. Perhaps when you reflect on this, you will be able to think of that one person that you know you have been a little harsh on during 2013. It may be your partner, the waiter in your favourite restaurant, or even a colleague at work. Take a vow that this year you will treat the people in your life more politely, and more courteously.

4. Get Active

Typical outings concentrate mainly on either going out to coffee shops (for shisha), heading out to the malls, or enjoying the night life at one of the city's poshest clubs. With the weather being favourable for the next couple of months, cease the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors more! Take the metro more often if you live in Dubai, or schedule a 3k outdoor jogging session 3 times a week, or even plan to start dancing lessons. Why not? Whatever you decide to do, make it a regular habit and schedule it in like everything else in your routine.

5. Find Your Passion in Your Career

I hear many people talking about their careers like it is something that they are forced to do. With the market conditions looking optimistic, given the recent announcement of Dubai winning the Expo2020 bid, perhaps it is time for you to start searching for an opportunity that will ignite that fire in you rather than being employed in a job that just pays the bills.

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Thursday, January 2, 2014

3 Must-Go Events This Week!

With the NYE celebrations now behind our backs, here is a list of the top 3 events you don't want to miss out on during the first week of January 2014:

January 2, 2014: Dubai Shopping Festival Opening at the Dubai Creek

It's shopping season people as the 19th Dubai Shopping Festival kick starts on January 2, 2014. Make sure to check out many of DSF's events taking place around town. Also, in case you did not get enough of Dubai's NYE jaw dropping fireworks display, here's the good news! DSF will mark its opening with a spectacular fireworks display at the Dubai Creek on January 2, 2014 at 8pm.

January 3, 2014: 'Chicago' at the Dubai World Trade Center 

Chicago is the longest American musical on Broadway (New York). Set amidst the razzle-dazzle decadence of the 1920s, CHICAGO is the story of Roxie Hart, a housewife and cabaret dancer who maliciously murders her on-the-side lover after he threatens to walk out on her. Desperate to avoid conviction, she dupes the public, the media and her rival cellmate, Velma Kelly, by hiring Chicago’s slickest criminal lawyer to transform her malicious crime into a barrage of sensational headlines, the likes of which might just as easily be ripped from today’s tabloids.

The show has been running in Dubai since December 19th, 2013; and in case you have been putting off watching it till later, do keep in mind that the closing show will be held on January 3, 2014. Musicals are tricky as they aren't everyone's cup of tea, but before you pass on a judgement on whether you are a fan or not, you surely should opt to see it and not miss out on the experience!

For tickets, please visit: http://platinumlist.net/chicago

January 4, 2014: 'Michael Jackson - The Immortal World Tour by Cirque du Soleil' at the Dubai World Trade Center

Catch the magic of the King of Pop as captured and presented by the very talented cast of the internationally famous Cirque du Soleil. Expect an electric show filled with MJ's chart-topping music track complimented with synced choreography as inspired from the legend's shows and concerts.

There are usually two shows: matinee and evening, with ticket prices ranging from AED 221.25 to AED 2,295.

For tickets, timings and show dates, please visit: http://www.cirquedusoleil.com/en/shows/michael-jackson-tour/tickets/dubai.aspx

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Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Top 3 Dubai 2014 NYE Fireworks Videos

Happy New Year Emirates Trenders! In case you missed out, here are some of the amazing fireworks displays that took place around town last night:

1. Palm Jumeirah and World Islands - the world record breaking display

It has been reported that over 400,000 fireworks lit up the Dubai coastline for six minutes during this attempt.

2. Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and Downtown Dubai #BeThere

A reported 1 million crowd attended last year's #BeThere celebration at Downtown, and what a show this was!

3. Burj Al Arab and Madinat Jumeirah

With a continuous fireworks display that lasted for over 10 minutes, this must have been one of the longest celebrations (in terms of duration) that took place in town.

Got videos of your own? Please share their links in the Comments section below.

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